Mystic Reality

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Christmas, a time of the year during which some of us are preparing for Christmas and others are busy finishing the remaining duties at work. For many, the weeks preceding Christmas are a busy period. I set out to explore what happens around us during this time of the year. The many things that go unnoticed. In search of the spiritual side of Christmas.

I WENT... ... to places that are traditionally associated with Christmas. I went to Christmas markets. I spent time around churches. I visited churches when no other person was inside. Things looked like they always do. Loud places, quiet places. But I stayed a bit longer...

THE DARKNESS DWINDLED... ... my eyes adjusted, my thoughts subsided, my soul quited. A different reality unfolded. It's not that it wasn't there all the time. It was. Only that I couldn't see it! A reality. Unseen, untold, sublime.

I stayed. watched. listened. Ordinary things were suddenly surrounded by pristine light.

The light itself had a marvelous quality. Sunlight is bright. Moonlight is pale.

This light was ethereal.